KEDTAG Apps is an android information management systems designed to store and harmonize the different sectoral data. The term simply means “Knowledge on ENR Data for Transparent and Accountable Governance” application. Its advantages include portability and user-friendly considering that it can be installed in all smartphones and tablets and can be accessed without the need for internet. Basically, KEDTAG Apps addressed concerns on fragmented and diverse database management within the department that affects accurate programming and planning.

As one-stop information systems, it contains baseline data essential in planning and policy formulation such as total forest/land cover of ARMM, revenue collected for specific year, protected areas, indicative geohazard maps, potential areas for rehabilitation and development, DENR-ARMM programs and projects as among others. An unprecedented development as far as the DENR-ARMM is concerned because KEDTAG Apps will definitely assist and help ENR officers in the implementation of programs and projects.      

You can download this application in 3 ways:

1. Search it at by typing KEDTAG Apps and choose from Google Play Store or Android Application Online to download it.        

2. Go to Google Play Store and search it or click link below

3. Go to Android Application Online and search it or click link below

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